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TEMPAMENTAL, known to his friends and family as TEMP – is a singer, a songwriter, creator of his very own hypnotic beats and addictive hooks – blessed with the magical ear-touch to lace it all together as a hip-hop star that can spit as well as croon – oozing global appeal.

But who is the twenty seven year old TEMPAMENTAL exactly? Listening to any of his tracks off his ON EVERYTHING album available December 2013 – you will quickly recognize the genius diversity that blends gritty, honest and relevantly real subject matter with lyrics that celebrate a message of hope, truth and self-awareness.

The son of Haitian immigrants, TEMP – often the quietest and soft-spoken one in his entourage that consists entirely of friends and family, recognizes the plight of the inner city youth – having been one himself – the product of Brooklyn’s Pink Houses Projects.

Considered by some to be a musical virtuoso at the age of 15, TEMP’s entrée into the scene was on the self-released Code of The Street mix-tape DVD ‘experience’. This first featured his passion for musical expression, having worked with legends that included ICE-T, Wycleff Jean, Pras Michel, Jim Jones, and J Hood.

What none of the above reveals however, is that TEMP is indeed a genuinely good, hard-working dude – one that keeps his nose clean and gives back to the community that helped elevate him. He serves as a thoroughbred that can be looked up to by those who much like him, are interested in making the world a better place through music – one that is enabling others to recapture their sovereignty through their own expression and inspiring message.

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